Travelling Abroad

Travel abroad is especially difficult if you have a serious disability or are in a wheelchair. While airports have got quite a bit of accessibility and assistance available it could be better, there could be more better assistance for dealing with luggage as it is not possible to carry luggage while in a wheelchair. Travelling with medication can also be difficult as security are reluctant to let you take your medication on the plane with you and this also applies for equipment like nebulisers.


Disability access to hotels can be a problem as even if a hotel is labelled as having disability access it is often difficult to know what the disability access is like before you arrive as sometimes it is not suitable for all users. Hotels often only have a few rooms with accessible bathrooms so it can be difficult to get one. Going on holiday if you require personal care is almost impossible as you need people with you to attend to your personal care. Being able to gain access to caring services in destination countries would help overcome this.


The best hotel I have been in for disability access is the Europa hotel in Belfast It had a big room easy to get wheelchair around and get in and out of. computer


Disabled access to beaches is generally very bad and can be greatly improved by something as simple as laying down a line of boards on the beach for wheelchairs to gain access.